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The Journey at Maranatha

A Safe Place

For over 20 years, people have gathered at the shores of Lake Michigan to experience the Journey. This unique, all-inclusive setting offers worship, lodging, meals, teachings with Open Heart’s lead team of trainers, and an evening of celebration festivities to conclude the time. During downtime, walk the bluff overlooking the lake, feel the spray of water from the waves and explore the little lake towns nearby. This 5-day training (Sunday evening-Thursday evening), is designed for anyone seeking soul-care and growth in leading effective small groups.


J. Feil

God took me to a level I didn't know was hidden in my story. My leaders and group were amazing in drawing it out with love and compassion, my heart did a 360. I am living in a restful place of trust, taking care of myself and not performing. Journey has changed my life, I am forever grateful.

M. Waddell

I came to the Journey Begins training to further my education in order to bring more groups to our home church. While in the context of small group, I discovered some detrimental vows I had made. Once uncovered, I was lead to renounce these vows out loud and through prayer broke the harmful vows I had made. I felt the healing as the cleansing tears came.

Kimberly Z.

Journey groups have been instrumental in the healing process in my life!! I was a scared, confused, untrusting baby Christian and I had no idea who would stick with me and help me learn how to be an authentic real person, living life to the fullest with all the joy God intended for me to have!!

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Discounted Pricing & Deposit Options: The standard rate for The Journey is $1200. See below for One-time or Deposit + Payment Plan options. Group Rate & Alumni Rate- text 269.389.9491 for details. One-time Payment Option (use one of the codes to get a reduced cost): Choose one of the full-pay options and use one...

News Flash – 12-session Guides Return

Beginning this Fall, you will be able to choose what length Journey Group you want to hold.  Due to numerous requests, Open Hearts Ministry will have both the 9-session version and the 12-session version of the Journey Guides available.  (That includes Leader and Participant Guides for both Journey Begins and Journey Continues, and the...


This event page includes 1) registration details and registration form link, 2) venue information & address, and 3) tickets for purchase. Tickets may be purchased for The Journey Begins and The Journey Continues on this page. Please read all the information on this page before reaching out with questions. Most of your questions are...