Leader Training Weekends will enhance and further equip you as you work through your story and empower your local participants to find freedom in their lives. These events are designed for those who have a knowledge of the Journey Group process and leader experience or a desire to lead groups locally.  This event provides interactive training sessions, time spent with other leaders in care groups, and refreshing moments of reflection and community that will leave you challenged and inspired.  Training and materials will focus on group processes that are applicable to both The Journey Begins and The Journey Continues.  No matter which curriculum you are using, you will find your time to be meaningful, and filled with practical insights and skills you can put into practice right away.  Take this opportunity to get away for a weekend to connect with other leaders, be equipped, and be cared for by the OHM team.

What to Expect

  • Training on small group dynamics—the story stage, working stage, and ending stage of a small group and how to facilitate each stage effectively.
  • Co-leadership experience with feedback from trained coaches and peers on your facilitation of group process, ability to hear and respond to stories, processing of the here and now, pursuit of deeper issues and sensitivity to a participant’s window of tolerance.
  • Personal care in your story.
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