The Journey – An Event That Will Change Your Life

Whether you think of your story as traumatic or ordinary, clear or fuzzy, we have all experienced failed relationships and life struggles that point to the fact that we all have stories that involve pain and loss.  The themes that we take away from these stories often provide the lens through which we see God, others, and our life’s circumstances.  In reentering these stories, we take some risk, but the risk is so worth it.

The Journey is a transformational experience where you will explore the themes of your story, with special attention given to the places where you have lost heart.  As you retell your story, you will begin a process of recovering what has been lost, and you will begin to see more clearly the road ahead of you as you walk with God and others.

Past participants have said…

“I had so many deep and close moments with my group that I will remember for years.”

“I’ve never experienced an event like this.”

“I was struck by the honesty and transparency of those who led and taught.”

“I felt masterfully cared for by my leaders, and experienced deep, deep healing as I broke the vow that I was alone, unwanted and never a part of God’s plan.”

Will you join us in 2015?

The Journey at Maranatha is our premier all-inclusive event taking place at a beautiful conference center on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Click below for more information and to register.

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The Regional Journey conferences will take place in both San Antonio, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia.  Click below for more information and to register.

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