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One of the most impactful experiences for many has been our Leader Training Weekends. This training provides practice in leading a small group, feedback from trained coaches and peers, dialogue about effective and ineffective groups, practice in conflict resolution, observation of deeper pursuit, processing of the here and now, and experience in pursuing deeper issues. In 2017, as OHM walks through this season of transition, Leader Training Weekend will not be available for participants. This leaves a significant gap.

Nothing can replace the face to face interaction in this type of setting. This we know. However, we also believe there are highly impactful ways to develop as a Journey Group leader that we are now able to provide. In 2016, with the production expertise of the e-learning solution company, Neunoia, Open Hearts Ministry was able to take the Leader Training material and put it in a format that can be accessed anywhere that technology allows. We can’t thank Neunoia enough for their hard work and skill. We are also extremely excited that The Journey Begins Leader eTraining is now available!

Who Will Benefit from eTraining?

The eTraining is designed so that anyone, from a new Journey group leader to a leader wanting to grow in their leadership skills, can benefit. Individuals can work through the training modules at their own pace, gaining important understanding of the unique Journey group structure. Local ministries who wish to provide additional training for their Journey group leader team may also benefit from working through the sessions together.

Purchase eTraining Here

What is included and what is the content?

The material progresses all the way from the signatures of a Journey Group, through the Story Stages of building trust and responding and into the Working and Ending Stages. Purchasers will have “lifetime access” to the material via streaming through our website.

You can take a quick walk through by viewing the sample video and then clicking the images below to see the various sections of content.

Where can the eTraining be used?

Because of the flexibility, it may be used anywhere that technology will allow. Organizations or individuals may purchase the product, provided they agree to the terms of use and take advantage of the flexibility. Currently, streaming the video is our best workable solution. You will be provided access to zip files that would require IT specialists to configure.

  • Individual purchasers will act as the “gatekeeper” of the product. While individuals may utilize the product to train others, it is the expectation that the individual will maintain sole access. Ownership is not transferable to another individual or organization.
  • Organizations, such as churches, may purchase the material and allow access to multiple staff members.

When can I reach someone if I have questions?

Darin is available to talk about eTraining. You may reach him at or call/text to +1 (269) 389-9491.

How much does it cost?

The eTraining is $195. This holds significant value for several reasons.

  • This is a one-time purchase. One purchase provides a lifetime of access. Use it as many times as you like or need.
  • Go at your own pace. You can go through in a short period of time, such as with Leader Training Weekend, or experience a longer training period.
  • It is viewable at any time of the year and not limited to specific dates or location.

Purchase eTraining Here

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