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OHM was created as a ministry to bring grace and healing to wounded people in the context of small groups, where stories of trauma and abuse can be spoken and cared for by capable facilitators. While we are grateful for “helps ministries” that provide material or financial care to those in need, OHM’s ministry focus and resources are invested in providing care and training in these small group contexts. Those in need of material or financial assistance are directed to seek out other ministries whose focus centers on that kind of assistance.

  • At OHM, we care about every person having access to a community where their whole life story can be spoken and heard. We do this work because we believe Jesus redeems lives through relationship. So we come alongside church leaders in whatever ways they need most to help people experience connection, acceptance, and freedom in their lives.

    Register for an OHM seminar today, or contact us to discuss the specific needs of your church.

    Aside from our standard phone line of 269-383-3597 (an answering service), you may also text Darin at 269-389-9491 - he will text or call in return ASAP.
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