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Who are we?

Open Hearts Ministry is a non-profit ministry.

This means that we rely on generous people like you to sustain our work around the world.  We are committed to stewarding the resources that you entrust to us with great care.

We are small, but we have a big reach.

OHM has trained people from every state in the U.S.A. and over 60 countries around the world. How do we do this?  Well, OHM relies on hundreds of volunteers around the world who are the heart of this ministry.  God has blessed us with generous people who give time, money, and great care to many.  We are so grateful.

Each year we generate about half of our income from donations.

We raise half our income each year through the training events and resources we offer.  The other half comes from the generosity of people like you.  Please help us with our work, by giving a tax-deductible donation.

Open Hearts Ministry accepts donations of appreciating investment assets. Learn more about how you can make your investment to Open Hearts Ministry.