About Darin

Darin was first exposed to the impact of Open Hearts Ministry in San Antonio, TX when he emphatically declared that being adopted had no effect on his life. After hearing the (at the time) confusing question “how does that make you feel?” he began a long and winding journey of seeking to understand how the gift of being adopted also brought with it questions about himself, God and how to relate to others.

He has led local Journey groups with his wife Bethany in Texas and Michigan and led both The Journey Begins and The Journey Continues at Maranatha. He now focuses on “putting the puzzle pieces” together for OHM by implementing new systems, including streamlining our registration process and automating processes that previously were overwhelming with limited staffing.

Darin and his tenderhearted wife Bethany have been married since 2006 and have two young boys full of energy, questions, and maybe a little bit of chaos too. Darin loves NBA playoff basketball, listening to amazing guitar players, and learning things he never planned on learning (after the fact of course).