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Restore to Me by OHM founder, Sandy Burdick

Since it’s beginning, in 1998, men and women from all over the world and from all walks of life have participated in Open Hearts Ministry’s small groups.  We have found that while cultures vary and each person’s story has it’s own particularities the reality of abuse and the impact from the damage is thematic and similar.  As we have sat in circles around the globe we have heard stories that have left the same devastating losses.  Men and women need safe places to tell these stories and safe people to hear them.

Contained in these pages you will find a wealth of information that substantiates the need for small group ministry to the wounded and what is key to providing it.  You will learn about the process for change that Open Hearts groups can provide and how the ministry functions in the church.  Suggestions are included for what makes a good leader and how to begin a ministry in your church.

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Restore to Me by OHM founder Sandy Burdick – PDF Download