12-Session Digital The Journey Continues Leader Guide (PDF)

$ 25.00

A twelve-session guide to walking small group participants through past significant life events, their current strategies for coping and beliefs about their sexuality, and their future hopes. The manual includes the Journey Continues curriculum, teaching tips, small group questions and information specific to running each lesson with a group.


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Product Description

A twelve-session guide will help you in productively engaging the body outlines of small group participants— enabling them to gain perspective in naming past events with integrity, owning current pains, and embracing new freedom in relationships. Curriculum, teaching tips, small group questions and key session information included.

The Road of Honesty

1-Revealing My Face

2-Understanding the Culture of My Family

3-Naming My Abandonment

4-Confronting My Betrayal

The Road of Repentance

5-Battling My Powerlessness

6-Caught in My Ambivalence

7-Unearthing My Addiction

8-Embracing My Sexuality

The Road of Loving Boldly

9-Enjoying Freedom in Christ

10-Welcoming Kindness and Sorrow

11-Walking the Road of Forgiveness

12-Living With Gratitude

Open Hearts Ministry provides training several times each year for those who are interested in leading a Journey Group through The Journey Continues. To get the most out of your Journey Group experience, please consider The Journey. Go to OHM Trainings for more details.