The Journey FAQ – Amenities & What to Bring

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What should I bring?

Common items that participants bring are pen or pencil, a writing journal, a Bible, devotional and at least one childhood picture (The Journey Continues participants may want to bring a collection of pictures). At The Journey at Maranatha, there is a celebration at the end. Some people enjoy dressing up for that event, so you may bring something a little fancier. Otherwise, we recommend that you dress comfortably as much of your time is spent seated in either teaching sessions or in a small group setting. You will want to be as comfortable as possible.

What is provided?

Conference materials, including a Journey guide.

Will I need to walk anywhere?

Yes, although not a tremendous distance. Whether in a hotel or at Maranatha, you will need to walk between your room and the meeting rooms. If you require additional help to safely and comfortably get to your destinations, please let us know.

What amenities are available at The Journey at Maranatha?

You may view the Accommodations page on the Maranatha website. This page is for informational purposes only (OHM will coordinate your lodging preferences with the Maranatha staff).

Also, you may view some of the Recreational Activities on the Maranatha website, although we do not utilize the 45-foot zip line, tubing or sledding options!

There are no restaurants or stores within walking distance.

The use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco is prohibited on conference grounds. Guests are not permitted to bring pets. Use of motorcycles, motorized scooters, and all-terrain vehicles is prohibited on conference grounds as well as the beach.

Is there shuttle service available?

Maybe! We will have more information for you as we get closer to the event!