Why Create An Account?

Why Create An Account?

If you watched the video above, you will see that there is a difference between your OHM Donor Account and your OHM Webstore Account. While they are accessed from two different locations and track differing information, you may choose to use similar login information (i.e. same user name and password for each). Regardless it is important to know they have separate account access points.

It is recommended that you create an account for your purchase history, whether a product or an event. There are two very good reasons: 1) you are able to track your entire order history (including what you purchased and when you purchased it), and 2) you have access to your downloadable content. A number of our products, such as Sandy Burdick’s Restore to Me – PDF version and The Journey Begins Audio Teachings are in a downloadable format.

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If you happen to lose a copy due to a computer crash or other technical glitches, there are still copies in your OHM account. You are able to retrieve them there. If you forget your password, you may always request a password reset.

You would set up your account while you are ordering. Once you select your item(s) to order and proceed to the checkout page, you will see the option to create an account under the billing details.



When you click the “Create an account?” box, you will be able to set a password.

Your Account Page could look something like this.