Find Journey Groups

Find Journey Groups

Find a local Journey Group in your area. Each manual (The Journey Begins and The Journey Continues) guides participants through a 9 or 12-week experience, called a Journey Group. Life is a path marked by hurt, hope, and struggles.  At Open Hearts, we train you to engage people along that journey in deeper and healthier ways. Local Journey groups are led by those who have attended a Journey seminar. Through a safe and confidential group process, our curriculum leads you through your own stories of pain, disappointment, and abuse, equipping you to share the care you receive with others. We teach you to share and listen honestly. We show you how to practice good self-care. We seek to love like Jesus, with empathy and forgiveness. We help you create authentic community where people are heard, loved and healed together.

Local Journey Groups
Mike and Lois Nelson – Nebraska

Searching for Journey Groups

On this page, you may click on the buttons below and it will take you to one of several locations on the page. Click on the tab for your state. Those that are listed have conducted groups and/or planning on having groups in the future.

If you are leading groups presently or plan to soon, you may fill out our Journey Leader volunteer form.

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Alabama – Georgia
Hawaii – Maryland
Mass. – New Jersey
N. Mex. – S. Carolina
S. Dakota – Wyoming


We also have friends around the world who can be found below:

Canada & International 


Alabama – Georgia




Barb Hembd

Women’s Journey Group

Call Barb | Email Barb


Annette Schuster

Kids Need to Know Foundation

Call Annette | Email Annette

Prescott Valley

Erica Koby

Leading Future Groups

Email Erica



Santa Rosa

Lindann McPheeters

Email Lindann

Fort Collins

Mara Rusciolelli

Group starting Monday February 17th at Foundations Church in Loveland, CO

Call Mara | Email Mara

Fort Collins

Cristina Flippen

Genesis Project

Email Cristina


Janet Feil

Email Janet




Jim & Pat Keller

Call Jim & Pat | Email Pat


Ken & Amy Aldrich

Call Amy | Email Amy

Call Ken | Email Ken



Hawaii – Maryland


West Chicago

Dawn Maggard

CHAI | Courageous Healing from Abuse & Isolation

Wheaton Bible Church

Call Dawn | Email Dawn

Wheaton Bible Website


Ken & Mary Kay Jones

Start Date – 03/05/2020

End Date – 05/14/2020

Call | Send Email


Sheila Conner

Journey Groups

Call Sheila | Email Sheila



Anne Snyder

Email Ann

Bowling Green

Leisa Shirley

Also available in Nashville, TN

Call Leisa | Email Leisa

Massachusetts – New Jersey



Lisa Kincaid

Start Date – 02/20/2020

End Date – 04/23/2020

Call Lisa | Email Lisa


Laurel Marsh

First Congregational Church of Otsego

Call Laurel | Email Laurel


Grand Rapids

Sally Olson

Crossroads Bible Church

Call Sally | Email Sally

Grand Rapids

Rhea Richardson

Heart Walk Counseling

Call Rhea | Email Rhea


Journey Group for the Twin Cities

Westwood Community Church Bush Lake

Start Date  – 01/20/2020

End Date – 03/16/2020

Email Jenny | Email Dave

Westwood Website


St. Louis

Alia Aikens & Karen Scholle

Email Karen

Call Karen | Call Alia


Barb Owsley

Email Barb


Michael Nelson

Call Mike | Email Mike


Kathleen Keller
Restored Hearts

Call Kathleen | Email Kathleen




New Mexico – South Carolina


Julia Callicutt & Lynn Stowe

Westover Church

We do 2 sessions per year starting in Jan. & Aug.

Call Julia | Email Julia

Call Lynn

Four Oaks

Robin Copeland

Call Robin | Email Robin


Ginna Bustle

Crossroad Fellowship Church

Email Ginna


Matt Gordon

Email Matt


Theresa Howard

Email Theresa


Esther Lapp

GuideSpring Ministry

Call Esther

South Dakota – Wyoming


Grace For The Wounded

Email Cindy


Leisa Shirley

Also available in Bowling Green, KY

Call Leisa | Email Leisa


Bernadette Dziesinski

West End Community Church

Call Bernadette | Email Bernadette


Carole Olson

Email Carole

Ft. Worth

Kathy Kinney

Call Kathy | Email Kathy

San Antonio

Ben Stagg

Hillside Fellowship

Call Ben | Email Ben

San Antonio

Duane & Marilyn Proppe

Journey to Restoration

First Baptist Church

12 sessions weekly in Fall & Spring; Men’s & Women’s groups; Journey Begins & Journey Continues

Call Marilyn | Email Marilyn

Call Duane | Email Duane


Karen Van Dyke

Call Karen | Email Karen


Donna Turner

Call Donna | Email Donna


Christ The Rock Community Church

Next Start Date: 09/08/2020

Send Email

Christ The Rock Website


Gayle Manske

Grace Church of Racine

Email Gayle

Grace Website


Pat Hanson

New Day Resource

Groups can be started with 3 or more interested individuals

Call Pat | Email Pat

New Day Website


Barbara Orban

Email Barbara


Autumn Bosch

Connection Church

Groups starting in March 2020

Email Autumn

Connection Website

Mount Pleasant

Erin O’Connor

Wellspring Counseling Center

Email Erin

Canada & International


Pennie Bouchard

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Email Pennie

Westside Website


Bob Lydiate

Healing Hearts Ministry

Regina, Saskatchewan

Call Bob | Email Bob













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